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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Types of cloud computing service

People use the cloud as a buzzword when describing either the internet or an intranet which is in association with some type of service. When you hear the term ‘public cloud’ think of the internet, when you come across like ‘private cloud’ it’s like your own company’s intranet. Actually ‘cloud’ by itself refers to the public cloud.
 Internet or intranet application and services that you typically access, run or manage via web browser is referred as cloud computing. You can say that the cloud computing is a delivery of computing by Cloud Server providers in India as a service rather than as a product. Instead of purchasing, installing and running a program on your local computer, the program runs on the provider’s computer, and you pay monthly or yearly fees for access. There are three main types of cloud computing service provider
  1. Software as a service (SaaS): - it provides like Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and Sales force are the service designed for the end users. They represent the end result of cloud computing.
  1. Platform as a service (PaaS): - It offers like Window Azure these are the service which is used by IT personnel use in application development and web hosting to end users. Basically here your IT staff will get remote access to virtual computers hosted at the provider’s data centers. Cloud Server providers in India in PaaS provide typically managed Windows or Linux OS (operating system) which means that your business can dedicate more resources to development and fewer to configuring and maintaining the OS.

  1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): - It offers like Amazon EC@ and Rackspace cloud hosting which are a little bit similar like PaaS providers, but the difference is they usually offer your IT personnel more control over the OS. Your business can use the raw infrastructure to develop and deploy application on pretty much any platform or OS.
Microsoft’s cloud storage lets you store structured or unstructured data for use with your applications managed APIs. You can also mount storage or virtual hard drive by using the Windows Azure Drive feature and you can move your virtual hard drive between private and public clouds.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Dedicated Server Providers Company - CSS4hosting

Get a dedicated server for your website today

Advancement in technology has made possible for people to offer their service with the help of internet. A web host is very important for making the website available through internet. It is very important to hire a dedicated server provider company. Most companies use hosting server for their websites. In such type of web hosting, companies usually lease server solely for the use of the company. A dedicated server can operate in all types of operating systems. You may get dedicated servers for Linux and Windows also. There are two types of dedicated servers. They are:

  • ·         Managed Servers

  • ·         Unmanaged Servers

The difference between both these servers is the level of administrative support offered. The managed servers do not need customers to monitor updates and the service provider does all things. Unmanaged servers are maintained, monitored, updated and patched by the customers.

A dedicatedserver provider company in Delhi can help you to protect all data and web content at cost effective rates. Servers can be rented and you need to find the best server plan at the lowest possible price.  These servers can be advantageous to clients that host their website and get support from the server team. Most dedicated hosting server runs a number of websites without any technical problems. A dedicated hosting server runs a web application in a number of programming languages like PHP and ASPX. The things that you need to consider in choosing a hosting server from the cheapest dedicated server provider company are bandwidth, software, data backup, data monitoring service and many other things. 

A dedicated server is very reliable and you may get it at a very affordable price. Shared hosting offers limited performance when websites and applications are hosted and updated.  A dedicated hosted server gives you the power to manage and enhance your website. Your permission is required for installing or uninstalling any software, managing firewall or any other activity. The best-dedicated Server Provider Company usually offers a dedicated server plan that includes antivirus and anti spam software. This is helpful in effective website hosting. Clients that own a website and has dedicated hosting server need to pay fees for support, power system, bandwidth, infrastructure and many other features. 

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dedicated Server Hosting Services by CSS4Hosting – you cannot get better deals

The success of any website depends largely on the hosting service. Slow pages, inadequate data transfer capability and lapse in security are some of the factors that keep visitors away from a website. Thus when hosting your website you need to take care of these things and choose a hosting partner who ensures high performance along with optimum security.

Dedicated hosting – the most secured way to host a website
Dedicated hosting is the best you can get for your website. A dedicated hosting server, as the name suggests would be solely devoted to host your website and come with premium services like choice of operating system and applications to host the website along with  latest security measures. Thus dedicated servers are the best options to ensure that websites run fully optimized and the visitors have a great experience surfing them.

However, it is not enough to choose dedicated server hosting. You need to hire the service from a company that ensures value for your money and offers the best services that are available today.
CSS4 Hosting is a leading company that offers a plethora of services related to website hosting. You can choose the service that appeals to you and also fits your requirements.

The dedicated server hosting service of CSS4 Hosting has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of modern businesses. Whether your website is related to entertainment, education, eCommerce or is simply a blog, CSS4 Hosting ensures that you get the best dedicated server services to optimize its performance.
Moreover, to ensure your satisfaction the company grants you supreme control over the traffic, portability and efficiency parameters. So you can choose the OS to run your website, the applications that will increase its performance and also the security necessary to make it safe for all types of transactions.

Along with all these, CSS4Hosting employs advanced technology to make you attain higher results with your website. The dedicated server hosting plans that the company offers are flexible to accommodate your requirements. These plans are low cost plans and yet include all the latest technologies to make your website attain its target.

Dependability, affordability and reliability are some of the attributes that are associated with CSS4 Hosting. Security and affordability occupy top position in the agenda of the company and its devotion to keep its customers happy by providing them the best has made it the hosting company in the IT sector.
So, if you are looking for a dedicated server hosting company, CSS4 Hosting will fit your bill and you will always cherish your decision of hiring it.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dedicated Server Providers Company helps you to achieve your goals!!

Nowadays, dedicated server hosting is the most common terminology used in web hosting industry. When a website owner makes the wrong choice while selecting a web host; the consequences are not pleasurable. It is always recommended choosing the best web hosting company to attain the best package of web hosting solutions so that you can get the utmost out of it. Shared, dedicated and reseller are some hosting servers but Cloud Server Providers is considered as the best in the class as you can create an exclusive website with an innovative approach. If you have already decided to select hosting solutions but still unaware of the multiple advantages that you are going to achieve from dedicated server, then you should read below mentioned points which illustrate comprehensively all the major benefits:

Server setup of your choice:
The best thing of this server hosting is that you can moderate your server according to your preferences and requirements. In the internet industry, customized server set up is always preferable. You can show your existence in an efficient manner and undoubtedly it will facilitate your online business in great extent.

Website free from every threat:
Launching a website through hosting plan makes the website equipped with antivirus and firewall systems. There will be no need to give attention to virus attack, spyware or hacking problems as the latest versions of antivirus and firewall protection automatically updated in your website. A well efficient Managed server providers offer you a complete hosting package which encompasses the supervision of entire administrative part; you only have to worry about the contents, looks and graphics of your website.

Upgrade your website: 
Large website with plenty of data is useless for small businesses. Few brochures and some catalogs explaining your services and products in detail can do wonders for your business. Server hosting bestow you with the facility to add more content to your website. You can manage the server space as per your need, all you have to call your dedicated server providers company and it will act immediately on your request.

Maximum up-time:
When a website is instigated under the assistance of hosting plan, it always achieves 99% up-time. If accidentally it goes offline, service provider will instantaneously work to make it online and within a matter of time your website will be back for your customers again.

Authentic resources:
Dedicated server offers genuine resources and the result can be seen by good traffic on your website. When a potential customer views your website and finds your services and products as per his expectation, he becomes your loyal customer. This brings more sales and more profit for your business.

The team of highly proficient technicians maintains the performance of dedicated server; so selecting a company for your server plan is a crucial decision that should be taken after some research!!

CSS4 Hosting is a dedicated server Providers Company offers dedicated server, managed server, cloud server, dynamic server.  More info call@ +91-120-2764421 or visit: