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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Facts about Dedicated Server Hosting Company...

One of the most important decisions that website owners need to make is the choice of web hosting for their site. There are many types of web hosting, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Any website owner should know about types of server hosting and choose the one that benefits the business the most. The most popular type of web hosting is dedicated server hosting company. In this kind of hosting, a single server is leased to the web owner or organization. The client has complete control of the server. Client's website uses all the software and hardware resource of the server.

Benefits of Reliable Dedicated Server Hosting company:
•   It is more reliable, and the websites have more uptime as it does not share bandwidth with the other sites. The site owners can be sure that the site's visitors would never have any problem with the bandwidth.
•   Small-scale business usually needs less resource on a server. However, the site owners allow them to grow their site with the passage of time. They have more scalability as all resources belong to the particular site. They increase the size of the site whenever they require.
•   When a server is shared among various sites, no site has access to all the features. Changing features on affect server websites on the server. However, this is what happens with dedicated server hosting company. The client has entire server to them and has more control and flexibility.
•   The dedicated server hosting company offers more security to the customers. A dedicated server hosting company is not shared with any site. It's hard for any person to gain access to files, passwords or any other information.  It is combined with security and regular updates as this makes it the most secure hosting options.
All sites are different and needs of each site is different from the other. The site owners should consider hardware and software specifications while choosing their dedicated hosting service.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Dedicated Server Providers

A dedicated server is a solution to all your problems

Changes in technology have made it possible for people to do anything with the help of internet. The same thing is possible for businesses to make an online presence through the World Wide Web. A web host has become necessary to make your website available on the internet. There are two main classifications of web servers - shared server and dedicated server. The web servers as opposed to shared servers cannot be used by other websites.

 A dedicated server is the best way of protecting data and web content of the site. These usually have antivirus and anti spam software with a dedicated server plan. Dedicated servers are compatible with different kinds of operating system. You may find dedicated servers for Linux and Windows. There are two different types of dedicated servers and level of administrative support is required. The managed servers do not need any involvement on the customer's part as monitoring, updating, and patching by the dedicated server providers.

Unmanaged servers depend on the customer for maintenance, monitoring, updating, and patching. The main concern of many companies for getting the dedicated server is the cost. The servers may also be rented, and you need just to pay the rent. This way, you can get a good server at a very low price. Many companies use a hosting server for their website and lease server for use of the company. The servers usually have features like application and operating system updates, server monitoring, backup and data restoring, management of the database, installing software and security services like antivirus and firewalls. 

Some of the things that you need to consider from hosting server are bandwidth; security features included in the software, data backup, and data monitoring service. A dedicated server is both reliable and affordable prices. Support is an important thing for consideration because servers may get down any time of the day. A professional team of dedicated server providers can give you good support. 

Do not make a mistake of choosing the cheapest dedicated server, but make sure that it is of great value. Check to get an idea of dedicated server price so that you do not become a fool.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Buy Custom Dedicated Server from

CSS4 Hosting has many type of dedicated server, Core i3i7, Xeon, Dual Xeon with high configuration. You can choose dedicated server according your requirement. If you want choose configuration own style then please come on Here you can buy custom dedicated server. You can choose below configuration.
  1. Core i3-3220 3.3 GHz to Corei7-870 4x2.93GHz 8MB Cache
  2. Xeon 3360 4x2.83GHz 12MB Cache to Xeon E5-2690 8x2.9GHz HT TB 20MB Cache
  3. Dual Xeon Quad Xeon E5-4603 4x2.0GHz TB 10MB Cache to Dual Xeon E5-2690 8x2.9GHz HT TB 20MB Cache
Main Storage Drive
  1. 500GB SATA to 2000GB SATA
  2. 120GB SSD to 400GB SSD
Second Storage Drive
  1. 500GB SATA to 2000GB SATA
  2. 120GB SSD to 400GB SSD
Operating System
  1. Linux Based
  2. Windows Based
  3. Open/Free Based
Operating System Version
  1. 64bit Linux based
    1. CentOS
    2. Fedora
    3. Debian
    4. Ubuntu
  2. 32bit Linux based
    1. CentOS
    2. Fedora
    3. Debian
    4. Ubuntu
Control Panels
  1. cPanel/WHM
  2. Direct Admin
Network Bandwidth
  1. Regular metered traffic
    1. 15 TB metered
    2. 20 TB metered
  2. Intense unmetered traffic
    1. 100 Mb/s unmetered
Network – IP Subnet
  1. 5 IP address
  2. 8 IP addresses
  3. 16 IP addresses
  4. 32 IP addresses
  5. 64 IP addresses
  6. 128 IP addresses
  7. 256 IP addresses
Network Firewall
  1. Software firewall
  2. Cisco RV-042 private
  3. Cisco ASA5505 private
  4. Cisco ASA5510 provate
  1. Basic support
    1. Hardware management and basic consulting
      1. Port monitoring
      2. Control panel update
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 Hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. 30 minutes of consultation
  2. Medium support
    1. Must have entry level support, consultation and updates
      1. Port monitoring, notices  by Email
      2. Control panel updates
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 Hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. System security updates
      7. 30 minutes of support
      8. 1 hours consultation
  3. Heavy support
    1. Advanced support and consulting with monthly security auditing
      1. Port monitoring, notices by email
      2. Control panel security updates
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. System security updates
      7. Service monitoring
      8. Monthly security scan
      9. 1 Free re-install per month
      10. 1 hour of support
      11. 2 hour of consultation
To buy custom dedicated server please visit Customise Dedicate Server

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