Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Need an affordable hosting solutions. Our hosting is durable, safe and secure. Get reliable Smart hosting with Smart Website Creations.

Smart Server
Smart Servers are also know as Smart hosting that route all access, e-mails, updates, and data transfer to an alternate server rather that transferring it to the main server. The smart hosting servers are developed to prevent intrusions, theft, and hacking as all access needs to pass through verification before getting transferred to the main server. It also helps to maintain the main server management, ease the operating process, ensure security, proper analysing of internet access, and intact storage of data.

The CSS4 Hosting smart servers are developed in response to high – end servers with high set up cost and demand for performing multiple tasks with efficiency. Our smart servers are customised, made ready in budget, and can server both small as well as mid-sized enterprises. Install our smart servers to enjoy increased reliability, amplified management choices, and effective application based functioning. They are capable of enhancement for further development or high – end functioning by adding hardware or software enhancers.

The servers by CSS4 Hosting are aptly named ‘Smart Hosting’ as they are powered with multi-core processors, extra memory, embedded hyper visors and more integrated I/O. Let’s check the customisation aspect and features of ‘Smart Servers’.
CSS4 Hosting Customisation aspect & Features for Smart Servers
  • CPU Clock
  • CPU Bus
  • CPU Cores
  • Memory
  • Maximum RAM
  • Storage
  • Smart Servers SSD Support
  • Smart Servers SAS Support
  • Bandwidth
  • Management
  • Licensing
Benefits of CSS4 Hosting Smart Servers
  • Consolidate Hardware Configurations: - The intention of this feature is to benefit your server from overuse and in case of extreme usage it still reflects capacity to perform efficiently. The reason behind is its enhanced resources as well as power ensuring high functionality and low server use.
  • Enhanced Availability – Recovery – Flexibility: - The new generation ‘Smart Servers’ are powered with elasticity to transfer all resources from one server to another without any hindrance or downtime.
  • Zero Operating Risk: - The safe mode of our smart servers eradicates risk of functioning on various levels, hardware, software, and applications.
  • Simplicity of Deployment: - The average deployment time of instances or virtual instances is fraction of time of record time.
  • Low Maintenance & Management Required: - The smart serves are not complicated systems but a series of few servers with zero complicated solutions. Hence, to maintain it and manage it you need fewer requirements.
  • Get to Market Faster: - The instant deployment with flexibility and low set up as well as management cost will support to capture market faster.
  • High Standard Operating System: - The standardisation of entire operating systems into one server ensures high flexibility, better performance, and great service.
  • Economic & Time saving: - The reduced main server load and infrastructure enhance its performance. This has a direct impact on saving of money and time on your server hosting.
  • Enhanced Application Ability: - The application availability helps in strategic management of both virtual machine migrations and unplanned failures.
  • Increased in ROI: - The smart servers are best known to keep the server space free with resources adaptable to attain maximum utilisation and consolidation.

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