Thursday, 26 May 2016

Email Hosting Company

Email Hosting Company - Gives Life to Virtual Communication

Email hosting is a technique through which email servers are the host. Just as a site is hosted on the web server, email needs a host to be live on the internet. The activity that takes place on email servers is called email hosting. There are enormous possibilities of the email exchange, sharing contacts, calendars, online meetings, etc, email hosting plays an important role. Email hostingcompany is responsible for maintaining client's security, email accounts and consistency of their servers on which

 email accounts are stored.

There are many benefits of email hosting. It includes:

  • ·         Secure access to webmail

Companies regularly equip their servers with 128-bit industry encryption that is active during webmail session to complete the transition of data from the server; it is encrypted from the time user signs until he or she signs off. This source of security protocol ensures no interception or compromise to sensitive messages. 

  • ·         Secure access to IMAP and POP

More and more businesses are preferring email hosting to desktop email clients through POP or IMAP. The communication traffic is encrypted including username and passwords. Email hosting company supports all popular mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

  • ·         Adequate space for storage

An appropriate amount of storage is offered for each mailbox when you sign up email hosting account. Some providers offer storage space in GB while some in MB. All hosting companies provide storage space that is more than enough to store some critical messages. The more flexible the hosting plan is, the more the users can upgrade or downgrade the storage limit. 

It is a common practice for the companies to provide email hosting to store subscriber email archive on their servers. Email is a service that is always live on the internet; email hosting company should ensure that their servers are running and is in good condition. Cost effective email hosting is offered to businesses that cannot afford or spend their resource or time for building internal communication infrastructure and the main reason to maintain it is the increase in cost and possibility of virus infection and other software and hardware related issues.

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