Thursday, 12 February 2015

CSS4 Hosting: A reliable company to satiate your e-mail hosting needs!!

CSS4 Hosting services are secure, fast and reliable. We acknowledge that the website should be fast-loading and easily accessible, and that is why our staff works very hard to provide a perfect place for your site to flourish. Our hosting services are better as they are embedded with our unique approach to unbeatable hosting infrastructure. We are committed to delivering amazing server speeds, unrivaled website performance and 100% uptime, supported by a guarantee.
  • Quality equipment
  • The leading feature set available
  • Highest customer service
  • Maximum guaranteed uptime
  • Secure backup
  • Highly functional tools for administration
  • Solid and honest business practices
Business Email Hosting:
CSS4 Hosting specializes in the everyday management of your email platform so that you can concentrate on the core problems of your business. We are expert in making it simple for your company to communicate and execute things by providing a variety of shared email hosting services to satiate your business needs. By joining your hands with us, you can keep your business email secure. In order to provide this security, we manage our data centers, proffer multiple layers of premium virus and spam protection and keep advertisements out of your hosted mail. With our professional services, you will be able to experience the magnetism of your webmail account that provides a combination of ad-free, clean, minimalist interface and power features geared for professional and commercial use.

Secure Email Hosting:
CSS4 Hosting Company is designed to protect your privacy. We also take proper care to protect your privacy when you are online. Our secure email hosting services are planned for easy use as Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail while empowering strong capabilities for demanding professional users of email, also for everyone concerned for his or her online privacy. Secure, fast and reliable email services with IP anonymity, virus protection, unlimited disposal addresses and more.
You will attain unlimited storage space and email addresses for your mail on our servers at the time of signing for a CSS4 Hosting email account. You can both send and read email by our secure webmail system with the help of a standard web browser from any internet connected computer, or access your email securely using any desktop email program.

Keep viruses and spam away from your inbox:
It is highly recommendable to construct a plan that guarantees protection from spam, email viruses, email flooding, phishing, and denial of service attacks. A single email virus is capable of costing your business a huge amount of damages, compromise your data and system integrity and, above all, lose productivity. We offer spam and virus detection accuracy rate consistently more than 99%. Businesses that adopt our secure email hosting services are confident of possessing least complications; more effective means to protect their business email from viruses and spam.

Your satisfaction is our priority:
We stand by our commitment and our quality to customer service. If you are associating with us for the first time, then we will offer a trial of different hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated or semi-dedicated, VPS and much more at ultra reasonable amount for 90 days. If in-between you are not satisfy with our services then will close your account and refund your money back without much ado. Our highly trained staff is ever-ready to assist you 24/7/365. With the help of extremely trained and highly knowledgeable staff, we are competent to identify the best products and services complementing your existing hosting.

Commitment to open source:
We have constant sponsorship to most popular open source programs like Prestashop, Wordpress, Drupal, Gallery, and Joomla. We support high-quality software and developer communities. We think out of the box to offer our customer impeccable services that cannot be found anywhere else.
From the big business owner to the small ones and also individuals who desire full functionality on a small budget, CSS4 Hosting offers your complete web hosting solution. The objective of our company is to stay ahead of the technical curve, and nothing can stop us to improve our infrastructure to provide our customer the most stable and dependable hosting environment!!

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CSS4 Hosting
WhatsApp +91-9582102222
India Phone No. +91-120-2764421
Ireland No. +353-899721643
US Toll Free No. +1(855)601 0009
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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Buy Custom Dedicated Server from

CSS4 Hosting has many type of dedicated server, Core i3i7, Xeon, Dual Xeon with high configuration. You can choose dedicated server according your requirement. If you want choose configuration own style then please come on Here you can buy custom dedicated server. You can choose below configuration.
  1. Core i3-3220 3.3 GHz to Corei7-870 4x2.93GHz 8MB Cache
  2. Xeon 3360 4x2.83GHz 12MB Cache to Xeon E5-2690 8x2.9GHz HT TB 20MB Cache
  3. Dual Xeon Quad Xeon E5-4603 4x2.0GHz TB 10MB Cache to Dual Xeon E5-2690 8x2.9GHz HT TB 20MB Cache
Main Storage Drive
  1. 500GB SATA to 2000GB SATA
  2. 120GB SSD to 400GB SSD
Second Storage Drive
  1. 500GB SATA to 2000GB SATA
  2. 120GB SSD to 400GB SSD
Operating System
  1. Linux Based
  2. Windows Based
  3. Open/Free Based
Operating System Version
  1. 64bit Linux based
    1. CentOS
    2. Fedora
    3. Debian
    4. Ubuntu
  2. 32bit Linux based
    1. CentOS
    2. Fedora
    3. Debian
    4. Ubuntu
Control Panels
  1. cPanel/WHM
  2. Direct Admin
Network Bandwidth
  1. Regular metered traffic
    1. 15 TB metered
    2. 20 TB metered
  2. Intense unmetered traffic
    1. 100 Mb/s unmetered
Network – IP Subnet
  1. 5 IP address
  2. 8 IP addresses
  3. 16 IP addresses
  4. 32 IP addresses
  5. 64 IP addresses
  6. 128 IP addresses
  7. 256 IP addresses
Network Firewall
  1. Software firewall
  2. Cisco RV-042 private
  3. Cisco ASA5505 private
  4. Cisco ASA5510 provate
  1. Basic support
    1. Hardware management and basic consulting
      1. Port monitoring
      2. Control panel update
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 Hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. 30 minutes of consultation
  2. Medium support
    1. Must have entry level support, consultation and updates
      1. Port monitoring, notices  by Email
      2. Control panel updates
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 Hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. System security updates
      7. 30 minutes of support
      8. 1 hours consultation
  3. Heavy support
    1. Advanced support and consulting with monthly security auditing
      1. Port monitoring, notices by email
      2. Control panel security updates
      3. Remote reboot
      4. 4 hour hardware replacement
      5. 24/7 phone support
      6. System security updates
      7. Service monitoring
      8. Monthly security scan
      9. 1 Free re-install per month
      10. 1 hour of support
      11. 2 hour of consultation
To buy custom dedicated server please visit Customise Dedicate Server

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Ireland No. + 353899721643

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Looking for Dedicated server hosting in Ireland from CSS4 Hosting

CSS4 Hosting is offering dedicated server to Ireland business and across Europe. Our Dedicated server hosting enable you to increase your business, deliver the ultimate security, control and business continuity. We guarantee to offer the best service and support in the industry. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should choose CSS4 Hosting in Ireland or alternatively call us on +353899721643.

Free Dedicated Server Setup* Setup Time
Now CSS4 Hosting offering free dedicated server setup with a standard configuration. So you will be set up your new server without extra charge. Setup time is often business critical so we carry stock of the best specification servers and deliver standard setup in 24 hours.
Contact Us
CSS4 Hosting
Ireland No. +353899721643
India No. +91-120-2764421
US No. +1-855-601-0009

Friday, 6 February 2015

Core i3 i7 Dedicated server price list by CSS4 Hosting

Many hosting company are offering core i3 i7 processors under dedicated server hosting. But CSS4 Hosting offering multi range or multi features dedicated server. If you can start new business under internet then you will need dedicated server to fast service and save data on server. CSS4 Hosting offering following dedicated server with great value, amazing hosting and multi features.

CPU RAM Storage Traffic Customization Price
i3-3220 CPU Clock | Cache 3.3Ghz | 2MB L2 cache 4 GB DDR3 500 GB SATA 3TB Customise $110/mo.
$35 setup charge
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i3-3220 CPU : 3.3Ghz 3M L2 cache 4 GB DDR3 1000 GB SATA 3TB Customise $120/mo.
$35 setup charge
Enquiry Now
i3-3220 CPU Clock | Cache 3.0 Ghz | 6 MB L2 cache 8 GB DDR3 500 GB SATA 5TB Customise $125/mo.
$35 setup charge
Enquiry Now
I3 3220 CPU Clock | Cache 3.1Ghz | 3M SmartCache 16 GB DDR3 1000 GB SATA 5TB Customise $165/mo.
$35 setup charge
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I7-3770 CPU Clock | 3.4Ghz | 3M SmartCache 8 GB DDR3 1000 GB SATA 5TB Customise $155/mo.
$35 setup charge
Enquiry Now
I7-3770 CPU Clock | 3.4Ghz | 3M SmartCache 8 GB DDR3 20 TB SATA 10TB Customise $170/mo.
$35 setup charge
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I7-3770 CPU Clock | Cache 3.2Ghz | 8M SmartCache 16 GB DDR3 20 TB SATA 10TB Customise $199/mo.
$35 setup charge
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India Phone No.: +91-120-2764421
WatsApp: 9810730628

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Email Hosting Solution Providers Company

CSS4 Hosting is offering email hosting solution for small business. We offer below features.

  • Spam filtering
  • Virus filtering
  • Online mail storage
  • 99.99% uptime
  • RSS Feed
  • Webmail
  • Auto responders
  • Webmail spell checker
  • Contacts sharing etc.
We offers email hosting solution, email configuration solution for a domain and support on monthly basis. We helps to configure email client also one time and maintain it all the time.

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Phone: +91-120-2764421

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Buy VPS Server Hosting Solution for an unrestricted growth of your business

VPS is a short form of Virtual Private Server and denotes a term used by several hosting services all across the internet; passing through a virtual device. The software works same on the PC as another virtual device but still it contains privacy like an individual PC, and serves according to individual customer requirement. This facilitates the owner of any business to trim down his expenses regarding electricity and hardware. It also empowers you to execute applications on older operating systems as the newest applications on the same server. Every virtual server run its personal operating system as it can be rebooted autonomously.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dedicated Server Hosting Services by CSS4Hosting – you cannot get better deals

The success of any website depends largely on the hosting service. Slow pages, inadequate data transfer capability and lapse in security are some of the factors that keep visitors away from a website. Thus when hosting your website you need to take care of these things and choose a hosting partner who ensures high performance along with optimum security.

Dedicated hosting – the most secured way to host a website
Dedicated hosting is the best you can get for your website. A dedicated hosting server, as the name suggests would be solely devoted to host your website and come with premium services like choice of operating system and applications to host the website along with  latest security measures. Thus dedicated servers are the best options to ensure that websites run fully optimized and the visitors have a great experience surfing them.

However, it is not enough to choose dedicated server hosting. You need to hire the service from a company that ensures value for your money and offers the best services that are available today.
CSS4 Hosting is a leading company that offers a plethora of services related to website hosting. You can choose the service that appeals to you and also fits your requirements.

The dedicated server hosting service of CSS4 Hosting has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of modern businesses. Whether your website is related to entertainment, education, eCommerce or is simply a blog, CSS4 Hosting ensures that you get the best dedicated server services to optimize its performance.
Moreover, to ensure your satisfaction the company grants you supreme control over the traffic, portability and efficiency parameters. So you can choose the OS to run your website, the applications that will increase its performance and also the security necessary to make it safe for all types of transactions.

Along with all these, CSS4Hosting employs advanced technology to make you attain higher results with your website. The dedicated server hosting plans that the company offers are flexible to accommodate your requirements. These plans are low cost plans and yet include all the latest technologies to make your website attain its target.

Dependability, affordability and reliability are some of the attributes that are associated with CSS4 Hosting. Security and affordability occupy top position in the agenda of the company and its devotion to keep its customers happy by providing them the best has made it the hosting company in the IT sector.
So, if you are looking for a dedicated server hosting company, CSS4 Hosting will fit your bill and you will always cherish your decision of hiring it.